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Introverts are at higher risk of suicide than extroverts

Depressed Introverts
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United States
05/23/2013 02:06 PM
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Introverts are at higher risk of suicide than extroverts
Unfortunately, research shows that the characteristic introversion also carries a few down sides with it. As compared to the extroverts, introverts are subject to increased psychological and physiological health risks. For instance, a study by the University of North Carolina demonstrated that they run a significant higher risk of depressions than extroverts do. By the way, here the male Sensitive Doers ranged on top of the scale. It appears that the preference combination introverted/feeling/perceiving represents a risk factor for depression. Apart from the Sensitive Doer this also applies to the Dreamy Idealist. But then all other introverts also proved to be more at risk. Another study by the same university also established that introverted persons are subject to a higher suicide risk factor than their extroverted counterparts. This apparently especially affects introverted-perceiving personality types (namely the Sensitive and Individualistic Doers, the Analytical Thinkers and Dreamy Idealists).

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