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Subject The Real War
Poster Handle Double O Zero
Post Content
The more I've come to learn, the more I come to see politics as a massive distraction. Battles between states and within states are just drama masking the real war that's happening each day, and it's one against the entire species.

It's the war being fought over the food supply, where the bad guys want to make crops that don't grow unless you buy them.

It's the war being fought over water, which you can't take, can't use, and now have to buy just to drink.

It's even a war over ownership of our own genetic code.

We argue about borders and ideas amongst ourselves, but the big conspiracy I see is much more fundamental. Between food, water, other vital natural resources, and biology itself, the war being waged is to own humanity by taking control of all the things we all require.

Debt fits into this picture as well, where nothing is free, and we're born into a new and dismal servitude, exported by corporations, defended by governments, and helping a few connected to a few banks to benefit as we all struggle.

This is the silent war, but too few people see all the pieces to put together the fact that the battle being fought is to control you without you even knowing it is happening. And that no one recognizes it says who is winning.
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