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Motorola reveals plans for tattoos and pills to identify us

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05/30/2013 02:32 PM

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Motorola reveals plans for tattoos and pills to identify us
This is my first thread. Please forgive my inexperience at this. I don't even know how to bump a thread.

I've watched and read and learned for several months and appreciate all of the members who contribute on GLP. I looked for over a year and a half for a place like this and I must admit I have to get my GLP fix at least every couple of days or I feel like I'm losing touch with what's really going on in our world!

I felt this was important enough to make my first thread. This kind of news makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. This is one step closer to what's coming. It's one step closer to being real.

Here's the link:

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

Here's a bit of it ~

The Moto X is expected to launch later this year and will be "more contextually aware than other phones".

The Biostamp electronic tattoo is made of silicon and contains an electrical circuit, antennae and sensors that bend and move with the wearers body.

Proteus Digital Health's "vitamin authentication pill" is powered by acid in the wearer's stomach and creates an 18 bit signal picked up by a mobile phone.
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