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People have a massive sceptical attitude against the “foreign” aliens although they have to inform us about many interesting facts. They inform us of things, which for the most of us will seem strange and implausible.
The aliens will help us to adapt better to the coming time of the big changes, they will give us assistance in the next difficult time. Their technical-scientific information and developments will
catapult us into the new age. The new possibilities will help us to extend our horizon. The extraterrestrial will come officially. They are far ahead to us in ethical, social, human and technical regards. Nevertheless, there are also extraterrestrial races, which have a consciousness, that are on the same step with us - only technically a little bit extended. These would maybe try to abuse us as a guinea pig, as well as we abuse people animals, e.g., for the cosmetics industry. Nevertheless, we stand under the protection of the now landing, ethically and technically equally far developed aliens.
I see that the comet Hale-Bopp has an accompanying object. This accompanying object is a gigantic controllable “planet”. De facto, it is a manned spaceship.
(Vision; 97 02 25)
Up to now, the comet Hale-Bopp was bigger, brighter and more dynamic than every other seen one. Seven weeks before the discovery, eight South-English crop circles announced precisely his position, his movement and the time of his biggest perigee. The comet had a big meaning for the earth. He intensified the light of love. He brought a very advantageous energy for our development. In his tow line there was an object, which is greater than the earth. Nevertheless, this objects is artificial, inhabited and has huge, for us hardly understandable dimensions. Nevertheless, the purest spirit power can create a spaceship of the size of a planet, the same as Elohims and Cherubim create universes by mental power. Very far developed beings create matter out of light. (N.: In a vision at the end of March 97, I saw this huge spaceship separated from Hale-Bopp.)
With several people, I do a "group-astral-travel" to another planet. We see there a great variety of the creation, great creations, unknown fruits and a huge number of spaceships. The beings there create things directly out of the ether. Then we return to the earth. I am very overwhelmed by this experience and narrating of an "excursion" I start to cry because of the joy I experience. The next day I decide to visit this other star system again and say goodbye to my friends. (Vision; 03 11 10)
De facto, I experienced the same like the chief character Jodie Foster in the often-awarded film “Contact” – the only difference is that it did an astral-travel and no trip with the help of a machine.
The miraculous aliens possess technologies, which fall for us in the area of utopia and science fiction. Inventions always happen when the time is ripe for it. There exists an ethical protective mechanism in the universe. Only a certain state of consciousness allows developing some things, to use, to see and to understand them. Because many of these inventions and qualities (e.g., to beam, to dematerialize) could also be used for warlike purposes, they fortunately have remained concealed to our humanity until today. We are ethical and socially too underdeveloped to be able to use such achievements responsible.
Differently it behaves with the now coming extraterrestrial. Hatred, insincerity, avarice and claims to power are foreign to them and they are not involved in wars. They are progressed therefore ethically and socially already very much. Thus, they invent such great technologies. They use them to the relief of their everyday life, to their services.
However, that does not mean that we can lean back and the aliens will save us, so to speak, because this will not happen. They will give us help so that we can help ourselves. The high light beings conscious of God are feeling universally loving, and respect the free will of all beings, even the free will of the negative beings. Normally extraterrestrial take no influence on the events on earth according to the universal law - they only try to influence it positively. They yield the realization, however, to the free will of the earth people. Many people on earth will maybe argue on basis of their stubbornness and their dubious territorial claims that they not want such a visit and that this - as a free will of the human to be accepted - however, this is wrong:
Where the future and the living conditions of our solar system endangers, it is even the duty of the star people to help. All far developed civilizations in the whole universe are so involved in the evolution. They take over tasks, which serve the ONE. They act according to the laws of the creator, are peaceably and live harmoniously. They can prevent that we continue to contaminate our earth with nuclear bomb tests and blow up ourselves with our nuclear arsenals and thus bring the gravitational forces between the single planets in an imbalance. They will not allow that we ruin the planet completely. The earth as a part of the whole is too important for the universe. The earth should persist for the other humanities, which will come; therefore, there is the special protection of the aliens for the earth.

[link to christus-spricht.com]
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