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Transformers Attacked America Dream

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 34116696
United States
06/06/2013 08:18 PM
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Transformers Attacked America Dream
So crazy. I know some people hate when others post something about "Dreams" and whatnot but i woke up about 3 or 5 minutes ago from a dream where what was a transformer (like in the transformer movie) started attacking America. I'm not kidding either when I say it was THE WORST thing that could possibly happen.

It really made me think about Orwells 1984 the power this Transformer had. Nobody was able to hide from it, it seemed.

There was some important building like the Capitol that it nearly destroyed including all the people in it.

The entire country went into mourning. Everyone compared it to 9/11 and wished this was just a 9/11 compared to what it was because it was so bad.

Eventually people began to lose electronic capability.

No matter where you lived you suddenly feared that you would be next.

People you seen never cry or get nervous was breaking out in panic and trying to think of survival plans.

(i'm typing this as memory comes to me)

Roads where barricaded with large walls of dirt and rock so people could not pass.

What is so crazy is that in the dream it felt like not even our military forces wanted to face this threat because it was so strong and capable.

Again, sorry for "waisting time" of those of you who hate post like this and dream post.

Right now after experiencing that dream all I have to say and can even imagine making a plea to the people about is "Do you know Jesus?"