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Message Subject Intelligence report: On Russia’s position to NATO anti-missile defence and possible incidents during Zapad 2013
Poster Handle EMPerror
Post Content
They want to have a poorly defended place as a easily gained foothold for all out invasion of EU. Coverage by Russian SAM's means no-fly zone for NATO aviation. In other words, virtually defenseless territory in "blitzkrieg" situation.
There are also more serious reasons that are officially omitted, but understood by nearly everyone who has at least some clue what's going on in the area.

This should tell everything from the page (more than a hint)
"Russia suggests to NATO to divide Europe into sectors of anti-missile responsibility,” the report reads. The report includes a map showing the Baltic States, Finland and large parts of Poland, Sweden and Norway as “a territory covered by Russia’s anti-missile elements."
[link to www.lithuaniatribune.com]
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