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Message Subject Tree of Life in heaven, a mystery... thoughts?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Almost every religion has a myth about a "tree" or a "pole" that once connected men to the higher realm but somehow we lost access to the heavens. In some cases the tree broke, or we fell out, or were expelled from the heavens in a story involving a tree (like ib Christianity). This is usually found at the earliest stratum of myths all over the world, it is very ancient. A lot of traditonal shamen attempt to "climb the tree" or get back to the heavenly realm through trances, etc. This motif comes up in traditonal tribal religion constantly, all over the world: Asia, Africa, the Amazon, Siberia... Everywhere.

In Shinto there is something called the "Heavenly Pillar" at the Main National Shrine in Ise, but it is kept secret and it is forbidden to look at it. There are writings about it but they are all secret and can only be read by the highest-ranking priests. So I don't know what the deal is but I assume it's something very ancient and probably similar to all the other myths mentioned above.
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