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Message Subject New climate model scenarios for the future based on the last four years!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ice is not a carbon sink full stop.

Governments are pouring tens of Billions into climate change.
putting the framework in place to charge people for there emmisions. the problem they are having is that mother nature is no longer playing along which has shown up there theory's and models.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41295490

Are you referring to the last 16 years? Please read the Met link I posted, this 16 years is incorrect, if not full blown dis-info. As for governments, where is this money being spent? In the UK there are grants for building renewable energy sources and the land owners often walk away with huge pay-outs. This doesn’t show the science is flawed though, just our governments and their crony-capitalist system and friends.
 Quoting: NSF001

The money is being spent on research and other projects like you say. Don't forget the MO had to be asked the question 6 times and despite spin they have admitted no significance to any rises there is some good reading and as always excellent comments here;
[link to bishophill.squarespace.com]

No matter how you look at temperatures they have not risen and certainly nowhere near as predicted we are well below "scenario c", we often chuckle to ourselves here at work on the adjustments that are made to temp series, fortunately my salary is not earned from CC related study's any more.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41295490

So you are actually qualified on the subject? How do you respond to NASA assertion that there is a point where co2 becomes dangerous.
 Quoting: NSF001

Paranoid idiot gonna paranoid.

CO2 is totally harmless...
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