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NSA/USAF-DoD Wooden Mask of Mars Face?

Nightshade 09
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04/25/2006 01:30 PM
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NSA/USAF-DoD Wooden Mask of Mars Face?
NSA/USAF-DoD Wooden Mask of Mars Face?

[link to www.ufoconspiracy.com]

What the viewer sees in the image is a picture of a wooden "MASK." The pictures of this "wooden mask" came from Bill Moore in 1994. There is a big story behind how Bill received this mask which will be divulged at a later time. The bottom half of the picture shows what has been determined to be "National Security Agency" (NSA) and USAF labels on the lower back bottom of the wooden mask or, "NSA #731" and "USAF-DoD SK (SIC?) 557 or 237" (note, this is even harder to read on a .jpg image). Rick Doty mentioned, "the reason NSA had it is because this same face appeared in a figure photographed on the Martian surface in 1978. This same face (and similar impression) was photographed on the ground ~300 miles Northeast of the other face that was photographed on Mars."

For this author: I keep thinking of the Fish Gods talked about in Sumerian/Abyssian legends ...ala Zecharia Sitchin ... Also, my theory is the Aliens created these figures/structures (if they prove to be real) on the surface of Mars to give us "hints" just like the "hints" with crop circles. There just wasn't enough time for advanced life to have evolved on Mars.......Robert C

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[link to www.ufoconspiracy.com]
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Halcyon Dayz

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04/25/2006 04:20 PM
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Re: NSA/USAF-DoD Wooden Mask of Mars Face?
That [link to www.ufoconspiracy.com] looks like this [link to www.msss.com] !?
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