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Beyond the Herd Mentality...Humans Are Moving To A Hive Mind

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06/15/2013 10:33 PM
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Beyond the Herd Mentality...Humans Are Moving To A Hive Mind
I am reading a great deal about beekeeping and am enrolled to take beekeeping lessons at a local workshop. Always acquiring skills, it's a habit.

Well, it got me to thinking. TV, Internet, Gaming, it's changing us from a herd mind to a hive mind. I've found articles supporting this and I think it is a dangerous trend for our race.

It will begin to kill the creativity of our species.

[link to io9.com]

It's a theme that crops up a lot in science fiction. Humans encounter a group where everybody behaves like they're part of an ant or bee colony: Each individual is prepared to sacrifice everything, including their lives, for the survival of the group. Star Trek's assimilating aliens, the Borg, are just one of many examples of how we've imagined such societies. But could humans actually become colony organisms?
(GLP aka American Jedi)

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