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Message Subject Queen Elizabeth to abdicate
Poster Handle completejigsaw
Post Content
OMNI, the Lord Almighty Creator today showed 'HIS' ABSOLUTE LOVE AND RESPECT for Queen Elizabeth. Her horse, Estimate, won the Gold Cup at Royal Ascot and it made Her sooo happy. It was lovely to see. 'HE' controls EVERYTHING and so 'HE' made sure that it won.
Later in the day Her horse only managed to get third place behind the winner, an outsider at 20-1, Elidor and also Spaceship. What is interesting is that the winner is owned by Mickey Channon who was born and played for Southampton, My home town! Obviously Spaceship is another message. The Queen's jockey then received a three month temporary ban for 'wandering'. The analogy here is that the jockey is in fact Prince Charles and he would be put to one side for now.
Please see My thread for OMNI, Thread: The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY CREATOR has told us the name we should call 'HIM', 'OMNUS a name which then can be used by any country including Spanish to replace God and Dios. The Spanish word for UFO is OVNI, what a COINCIDENCE!!!!
It looks like tonight is REALLY the night, at last!!!!!!!!!!!
Relax and enjoy and then party.
Bless you
Stephen, Annabel, Dolores and Ana Maria
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