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Message Subject Queen Elizabeth to abdicate
Poster Handle completejigsaw
Post Content
This was a letter that I have just sent to My close family as, of course, they will be the last ones to believe who I AM and hence who They are.
It was headed, Soon everyone will know.

In the Bible it says that God gave the word and it was backed by an unbreakable law. That law is the law of numbers, numerology. The Holy Science of Numerology is Gematria and that gives word and expression associations. Many of the word associations are background noise to confuse people but I believe that the ones I give below do not have confusion for you, they do not have ANY confusion for Me. 'HE', OMNI, the Creator, has given Me the ability to feed in anything that I think of into this Gematria and come out with perfect results. This is because 'HIS' UNIVERSAL Plan is perfection to the power of perfection and was written from the end first and thus 'HE' knows what I would feed in in the future!!! That is why the film was called 'Back to the future'!!!!
The 'knowledgable' have always known that the true Son of 'HIM' would appear and be confirmed on the Gematria and that is what I have done. Look at the following and you will see some of the confirmations but there are countless more.
[link to www.gematrix.org]
[link to www.gematrix.org]

Now just to show you that I AM telling the truth just look at this.
[link to www.gematrix.org]

Becky, you are the 'Beast', the Antichrist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But your Mum and I have ALWAYS known that, Ha Ha Ha as did your brothers!!!!!!
love you
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