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Message Subject Revealed: The Two Witnesses ARE the 144,000 elect of Jehovah
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Before YOU can understand the TRUTH of the Bible Prophecies, which take up 2/3 of it, or anything similarly complex, you have to decide to be TOTALLY objective and analytical about the FACTS presented and not distracted by irrelevant "clap-trap" from organised religions and "holier than thou" theories. The Bible itself warns you NOT to be led by the "blind guides" of Organised Religions and politics (Isaiah 3 v 12-15) (Matt. 23 v 13, 16 & 24).

Like reading "blue-prints" or "electrical circuit-diagrams" there is some learning to be done & fortunately the instruction for this is in the Bible, and, as you might expect, some of it is coded to stop idiots interfering with the meaning. So it is IMPERATIVE to get the BEST translation - the new "King of kings' Bible" by JAH - Authorised by God; or use the previous best - the king James 1611 original, which is the only human-kingly Authorised Version and not modernised Satanically corrupted translations done by successive churches.

Let's take a look at some of the codes to get you started, so you may agree when you look up the chapter and verse, if you care to check it out.

SUN - The Throne of David - (Psalm 89 v 36) - which is the British Throne. The "Stone of Scone" is Jacob's Pillar and Israel's Throne of David.

MOON - Reflects the light of the SUN. The SUN is the British Throne and the "Commonwealth" reflects her light and power (like the moon does to the sun).

STARS of heaven - U.S.A. (50 on their flag, "STAR spangled banner" etc.)

HEAVENS - Political systems (above the mountains).

MOUNTAIN - Government - (Micah 4 v 1).

EARTH - Downtrodden people (oppressed and poor).

EARTH-QUAKE - Great upheaval of the EARTH (as above).

SEA - Restless, moving people who are not as oppressed and are free to move around (Psalm 65 v 6,7).

WATERS - Peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues (languages) (Apocalypse/Revelation 17 v 15).

HORN - kingdom

UNICORN - Unique horn - "One Kingdom, world without end" - God's Kingdom on Earth - soon.

OLIVE - The "House of Israel" - (people not country)

FIG tree - Jews (Matt. 21 v 20), Christ cursing Judaism for ever in verse 19.

DAY - Year in prophecy (Ezekiel 4 v 6) (Revelation 9 v 5).

MONTH - 30 years in prophecy (Rev. 11 v 2,3 - 42 x 30 = 1260).

SEVEN - The number of completeness in Scripture.

You need to use your common-sense to see what is logical and sensible and whether the words are to be interpreted in their normal way or in God's code. A perfect example of this is when Christ said, "IF, you have enough faith and you say to this mountain, fall into the sea and it will (Matt. 21 v 21)", it obviously did not mean an actual mountain and the sea. It was coded. It is obviously possible for God to cast a mountain into the sea but why should He want to destroy a beautiful mountain that He Himself has created? It means government (mountain) and restless dis-satisfied people (sea).

Think about it. A mountain (govt.) towers over and looks down upon the sea (people) and the sea looks up at the mountain. The sea (people) cannot remove the mountain (govt.) without a tidal-wave. IF you have enough faith and tell the people the TRUTH of God's Perfect System of Government and Laws, you can create that tidal-wave with God's help, for everyone's benefit. SIMPLE.

Now you can start to decode the Prophecies and understand some of them. You cannot decode all of them because God says so, in many places e.g. Daniel was told that the words of one Prophecy were sealed until the time of the end (Daniel 12 v 9). Apocalypse/Revelation chapter 5 tells you that the Book (Bible Prophecy) given to John was sealed with 7 seals. That means completely sealed, because 7 is the number of completeness in Scripture:- 7 days of creation; 7 millennia; 7 churches; etc.

The COMMANDments; Laws; Statutes; Judgements; Economic Policy; Agricultural Policy and Diet are all written in "plain language" for EVERYONE to understand and Live by, but the Prophecies are written in code.

The Prophecies are written in code for two good reasons:-
[link to jahtruth.net] cool2
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