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Obama is a Leo & Putin is a Libra...Any Astrologers want to give their insights?


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United Kingdom
06/30/2013 09:37 PM
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Re: Obama is a Leo & Putin is a Libra...Any Astrologers want to give their insights?
If Obama truly is a Leo he is a weak one.

Strong Leos don't need to lie or manipulate to get people to follow them.

They are natural leader types - meaning weak or strong, others will follow regardless. The strength of character shows in the manner by which they lead.
 Quoting: Deaf Cat

What's your sun, moon and ascendant sign?

I NEVER get to talk about astrology, It's so annoying! I love this topic!!
 Quoting: PallasAthene

Last degree Virgo sun, Libra moon, Scorpio ascendant.

I used to be an INTJ when I last tested myself over 10 years ago.

Without re-testing, I would say I am more an INFP now :)
 Quoting: Deaf Cat

Ooh you do sound interesting! We would totally get on in real life I bet, especially your scorpio ascendant, i really like scorpios!

Maybe when you tested yourself at first you hadn't grown into your personality, you know what i mean? Every test I've ever taken (over 15) all have come back the same so I'm a certified freak of nature! lol

imjustsayin  (OP)

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United States
07/01/2013 09:05 PM
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Re: Obama is a Leo & Putin is a Libra...Any Astrologers want to give their insights?
Well libra is the sign of balance. Are you taking Putin and Obamas charts from the Western or Vedic system? The Vedic is more accurate, the Vedic system was the first one taught, developed in India and then the knowledge was lost, the Greeks then to a certain extent salvaged some form of astrology.

You would need to look at the moon signs for emotions of the two the sun sign for the job and "soul want/need" of the two and the planets in the houses and signs and any conjunctions for the overall picture.

You can't just say Obama is a leo therefore he is XYZ because peoples personalities are more complex than that. The positions of Jupiter, mars, venus, saturn, mercury, rahu, kethu are very important.

I would actually like to see the nakshatra of each to find out more detailed info.

I started delving into vedic a while ago to disprove it, found out to the contrary however! It does take a while to wrap your head around things but very insightful.

Must look up their info...
 Quoting: PallasAthene

thank you so much for the vedic horoscopes. I have always worked with western astrology...have to start learning about the vedic astrology!
 Quoting: imjustsayin

Well me too, until about 6 months or so ago I thought i'd research what vedic was about. I thought if this info has been passed on for thousands of years and is still used today it cant be all rubbish?!

Go to the free sites like galatic centre one i posted or astrosage you dont have to sign up and at astro sage you will get loaaads of charts. The kundli chart is your birth chart, where the planets were at the time you were born. Now the D9 chart, otherwise called the navamsa chart is a look into just the 9th house (considered the best house) and this chart plots the planets and signs. Now this chart is more about when you are aged 30 and over. It's good to see where you will be headed eg your sun sign in your birth chart might be different in your D9 chart so in future you may operate in a new way due to your life experiences.

The most important thing is understanding how planets operate in signs in houses, eg. Venus in Scorpio in 8th house person compared to venus in libra in 7th house person - vastly different!

Oh go onto youtube and go to "krs astrology channel" he has videos in vedic thats where i learned everything! So say you have mars in gemini, he has a video on that telling you what its about, and then if your mars in gemini is in 4th house he will also have a video of mars in 4th house. So easy to get your head round after a week!

 Quoting: PallasAthene

thank you for the info! I think the more I learn about the planets,constellations, and my emotions...the more awake I am becoming....understanding the energies has helped me to understand my own harmonic vibration.
Love & Light...