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The plot for a book to help me get a few coins, good plot or nay?

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06/20/2013 08:09 PM
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The plot for a book to help me get a few coins, good plot or nay?
Xxxxx Xxxxxx
Xxx Xxxx XX

Hi, this is a request for a chat according to the terms of Lawyer Referral.

Currently I am renting an older place in Xxx Xxxx that allows pets. Currently that is 12 cats that are all from the same mother and they span some 10 years. Long story short, I’m pretty attached to them so keeping them is a high priority. That is the reason I’m in the situation I am in now.

Because of the deterioration of the roof water is now getting in to the point water it is on the flood and the walls and the window sills for almost the entire length of that side of the house. The ceiling in the back entrance/laundry room got so weak I had to prop it up with some 2x4 supports. That part has been taken down since then and the wall board removed from the whole west side of the 3brd house. Most of it was covered in black mold which I treated with white vinegar/baking soda/borax over the period of about 10 days after and scraped the walls when damp and scrubbed then wet and vacuumed them wet so the living room is a lot better looking and I saved some of the stuff that was 1/4 inch thick, the kitchen walls (shiplap behind the wallboard) are badly stained despite the same treatment and it continues under the ceiling covering that is the same fiber wall board that is in use in the whole house. The back entrance is typical 2x4 construction so the only black mold was at the top and bottom of the wall behind the insulation. The kitchen and living room have wooden boards on the inside and no insulation in the wall. That would have been remedied in the ‘painting’ I said I would do if the roof was fixed. (insulation and mold disposal was not covered in any detail)

That was some weeks ago and I can understand not doing all the repairs but if some ceiling panels are warped and have been for some time then that is black mold also. I would prefer to remove it all rather than a piece here and a piece there over the next 6 months. I would expect to be generously rewarded for my time as my efforts allow the repairs to be done without any permits or professionals to come in and do the work. “Do it cheap’ is how the rental agency said the owner wanted to do it. So far I have removed some tree branches that help the roofers, for that they knocked $200 of last month rent and the month just coming up. (the owner has done zero maintenance in/on the house in the 12 years I have been here, when the carpets wore out I was the one who removed and disposed of them)
There was a big crack in the west wall of the living room, I assumed the wall was moving, when I removed the wall board a month ago I found the whole walls as shiplap boards made out of hardwood. There was also 1/4 inch of mold there and it had been exposing me and my grandson and our friends to black mold spores for the entire time and the ‘owners’ and ‘their representatives’ should have know what was causing it as the kitchen had it’s original wallboard taken down for the same problem at some point before we moved in.

Is any of that a winnable case of ‘whatever’?

Last piece of the puzzle I’m in the middle of, .. my neighbor who has a really nice big house was let in on the mold issue, his suggestion was to give me a check for $10,000 and have the home inspected for mold and refuse to do the repairs so the owner would have to call in a company and that contract would be worth more than the building. He wants the lot and would just demolish the house and use it as a lawn for his existing property. Can I hold him to that when the reason he is giving is it would keep it from being sold by a ReMax like company? I’m think he is full of shit and I could call the fire dept and probably get the place closed down the same day and stay that way until all the repairs were completed. (perhaps that can come as a loan that just never gets paid back when due 10 years after the money changes hands)I could let him know what is going down and he could just call the owner and say the home is condemned, how much and I’ll handle the disposal and I would get nothing.

Hopefully that is an preview of the start of the 1/2 hour, bottom line, could I do the repairs and keep some pics and samples and then sue them after I move out when the repairs are completed?

(a quick exit is the biggest hurdle in abandoning this place as the pets restrict movement)

Then throw in some reality just to fuck things up.

[link to www.moldsymptoms.org]
(in part)
Level - I Common Symptoms of Mold Exposure

The most commonly reported symptoms of short term Mold exposure:

Itching Skin
Redness and skin irritation
Watery Eyes
Itching Eyes

Level - II Advanced Symptoms of Mold Exposure

The following symptoms of Mold exposure have been reported generally as a result from persons being in a Mold contaminate environment on and off for an extended period of time. Symptoms are reported to have become more severe and longer lasting directly in proportion to the length of exposure time. Their reported symptoms are as follows:

Constant Headaches

The rural setting of backwoods of Alberta would make a suitable location (just in case you need some crooked officials. Nothing to do with using a shotgun to put a hole in the floor of the neighbors house (for the mice so they climb on his face at night and every dream he has after)if he killed your favorite cat. The way that would be settled would be to keep the cats inside and let then strays would come into the neighborhood along with mice and wood eating squirrels and songbirds at 5AM and woodpeckers so that is 'the payback' in this story.

Disclaimer: A work of fiction at this point soooo ... what happens next? Enter the Crown Temple Lawyers ....

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MHz  (OP)

User ID: 2956246
07/08/2013 07:52 AM
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Re: The plot for a book to help me get a few coins, good plot or nay?
Lets throw some more into the 'plot'. Let's say another symptom of exposure to mold is dizziness and in my line of work being dizzy means at some point you will experience a 'slip, trip or fall' and because of that I quit an industry where I was making $30/hr and had I attended heavy equipment school to get 'certified' on a grader and excavator I would be working almost non stop the full year. At maximum rate and with my own service truck and working 'out of town' I would have been grossing $10,000/ month. That is a potential loss of income of about $500,000 in 5 years. The cash-pot at the end of this rainbow grows.

I want to take 10 cats on as 'clients' as each of them is also exposed to 'a preventable condition' and even though it is only the older ones that currently have breathing problems exposure would still qualify as being 'cruelty to small animals', having to give them up for adoption and them not being adopted but being 'put down' would be the top of the list as far as cruelty goes.

I'm going to add their insurance companies into the list of fuckers that deserve to have their wallets lightened, partly because after they will be suing their former clients and that only strengthens my claim in that they were intentionally letting an unsafe condition continue and the consequences just went further than they imagined.

So that is $100,000 back rent, $500,000 lost wages, $xxx,000 for pain and suffering of the symptoms of low level exposure to mold and moderate levels for the two weeks following any rain that was more than 1.5cm in a 24 hr period for the entire 12 years that 'we' lived here. $1.1M and $900,000 for my expenses as acting as my own Lawyer. $2m and double that, if not more, for the short term and long term effects that it would have had on a person living under the same conditions but being 12 years old at the start and quitting school because of the side effects of the mold.

I guess phase I would be the health inspector a knock, knocking at my door, ......

Am I going to be arrested for refusing to abandon the residence and live out of my truck while the owner and realtor get to keep my damage deposit for a month or two as a way to legally fuck me around just a little bit more ...
MHz  (OP)

User ID: 2956246
07/10/2013 02:32 PM
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Re: The plot for a book to help me get a few coins, good plot or nay?
Any slower we would be going in the opposite direction. To speed things you call up the receptionists at ***** Health and explain that your request for an inspection and explain that you have been put on hold for more than 3 days, (wheezing and a cough isn't even faked), within 30min the chief inspector is there clipboard in hand. Babbles on about mold being hard to prove, I snickered to myself as I pushed the back door open (pushed, no turning of anything, lol) and he looks up and the ceiling is missing and he sees to the top of the rafters, then the rest of the west wall is boards stained black, he almost faints before the inspection is over.

Is the ending too strong of a prolog? How do I make it appear that I show up at a lot of different counters with the same query 'I want to sue my landlord .... and suddenly everybody within hearing range has something very important in another room that has to be done right away. I'm assuming it because a lot of paperwork is going to be involved rather than somebody escaped from the zoo. To be continued, ... or not, ..... it's that kind of story. lol

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