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Message Subject ALL crypto-currency miners,,, Mt GOX suspending payments
Poster Handle Hitndahedfred
Post Content

NO ONE here is involved in this?

Your PC sits running all day, eating electricity anyway.

Why not have all those unused cycles make you some income.

There are hundreds if not thousands of places on the net that accept these forms of exchange.

[link to www.hashr.org (secure)]
They carry a wide range of electronics and other quality products!

[link to www.allthingsluxury.biz]
Buy silver, jewelery, and accessories for Litecoin!

[link to the420life.com]
I think this one is self explanatory

[link to bitcoindirectory.net]
Directory of sites that accepts Bitcoin as payment method

And as these "currencies" become more popular there will be a bloom of new businesses, services and products that will accept these forms of payment.

Now there is also the SILK ROAD Marketplace.
[link to mainstreamlos.tumblr.com]

So there is already a considerable usage of these currencies.

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