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Message Subject ALL crypto-currency miners,,, Mt GOX suspending payments
Poster Handle Hitndahedfred
Post Content
Thanks for the info. You put a lot into it and I'd like for it not to be lost. This is big news.


 Quoting: St3v3


Thank you for the kind words.

 Quoting: Hitndahedfred

You almost hurt my feelings when you said No ONE! LOL

I have a MtGox app, own and watch bitcoin like a hawktard. This really is huge and more people should know whats going on and even if they don't, your post was informative enough to verse the virgins. Thank you kindly and sincerely!
 Quoting: St3v3


Yes, this IS news.
And thanks for the reply. There are lots of us who are pretty heavily invested in this. In time as well as hardware not to mention the aggrivation of learning to work with scrypt. There are simple mining programs but nothing compares to compiling your own.
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