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Message Subject With a strong will, critical thinking, accumulation of knowledge, and spiritual fortitude, your mind and spirit is impervious.
Poster Handle Ressurrector
Post Content
I'm tired of all these yellow belly slackers shilling their demonic horse shit about pot or whatever else.

If you hear voices or get raped by something in your sleep, its not because its real for everyone, its because you yourself are fucked up. Understand that?

If you exercise enough focus and thought control, NOTHING can touch you. No technology, no chemical intrusion, no subliminal persuasion, and certainly no etheral attack. The mind exists exclusive of the physical brain. If something hijacks that, it't you. It is because you were lazy and low-browed.

Pot is not a tool of satan anymore than a boquet of flowers is. You kids need to read more books and get off the Internet and read some vetted information for once.

And you cult members need to back off of your pastor's dick and take a critical look at your fucked up corrupt and infiltrated church and try to see the big picture. It is common knowledge that the churches have been occupied. Don't flatter yourself into thinking your church is the exception. That's called cognitive dissonance and your mind has been hijacked no matter how convinced you are that you're the exception. Stop gagging on your priest's dick. Corruption is EVERYWHERE.

When you have reached a relative foundation of truth and morality, by your own right and for no other reason than the love of truth, then nothing can touch you. Nothing. They might be able to kill you but that is besides the point. Fear of death is for the failures. Life 101 is overcoming any childish fear of death. Real men stand firm in the face of all adversity.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12835548

drug heads - check

church corruption and confusion - check

Now what does this have to do with reading the bible yourselves?
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