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The Matrix and the Archons

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 19928728
06/26/2013 02:48 PM
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The Matrix and the Archons
For any of those looking for information on how the matrix works, this is what I've got so far, some may be wrong, all is a lie anyways.

so here it is:

10,000 years ago around the time of the building of the sphynx the Vela supernova exploded. it emitted a frequency of F#, which the pyramids were tuned for. The pyramids are built of quartz and at an angled related to quartz crystals, along with a height that is the ionsphere divided by 2, 12 times. The ionosphere is where the s-HUMAN-n frequency reaches and is a F#. Also the same frequency that resonates the HUMAN body along with water which it is comprised of.

Like a quartz crystal oscillator used to keep time in a watch, the pyramids were rung like tuning forks and resulted in the creation of the matrix, the s-human-n frequency that helps to keep us trapped in the cycle of reincarnation and human bodies.

Don't let anyone attack your "human" nature like with quotes from movies the green latern "a sword, how human". A sword is the result of duality, not real human nature at all. Attacking human nature in general is common for pawns of the elite/archons especially on forums like these and online games. They are in human bodies and all around, don't be afraid, just don't give in to temptation.

Everything is vibration, all the frequencies currently on the earth are disharmonizing the human race. Frequencies affect your conciousness along with the archons themselves.

Schizophrenia is the result of awakening and being driven crazy by negative frequencies caused by both the archons and technology and those who are knowingly/unknowingly negative. Those who awaken find they need to learn to meditate and quiet their ego just to function. This is because thinking is caused by your ego,brains which are made by the archons to produce disharmonizing frequencies(thoughts). Intuition is a natural state of being.

Engineering is simply to cause thinking and construction is to fill the earth with disharmonic shapes, and frequencies by the materials, along with phsycological aspects like the set up that is the twin towers 911 (they were 2 tuning forks of conciousness) and being trapped in cubes.

The archons are simply the annunaki(enki is NOT a savior, just a game of duality red vs. blue) who represent themselves all over movies/media and reside in host bodies(there is no main race, just certain ones to look for like irish bloodlines,certain jews etc) in mainly Canada where they feed on the emotions/energy of the world.

Luckily the universe is returning us naturally to a state of harmony, the real message of 2012, but resisting will only hold you down. Filling the earth with cement and grout is not helping unfortunately.

Eat less meat, Don't go to the light, and love the global family (people,earth,existence, even the archons)

All is a lie, don't be-lie-ve anything.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1498411
United States
06/26/2013 03:30 PM
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Re: The Matrix and the Archons
why do they like Canada?