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Floridians move to recall MARCO fuck America for bilderburg RUBIO

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06/29/2013 09:57 AM

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Floridians move to recall MARCO fuck America for bilderburg RUBIO
[link to freedomoutpost.com] Earlier in the week, we told you how Arizona has had it with Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake over their persistent push of the Senate’s amnesty bill and began petitions to recall them.

Well it looks like the people of Florida have had their fill of Senator Marco Rubio. A petition has been set up to recall the Florida Senator following his vote on Monday concerning the Senate’s amnesty bill.

The petition has already gotten 800 signatures at the time of this article. However, it should be noted that the petition is to be signed only by Florida residents, though many from other states have not only signed, but expressed their outrage along with their signature.

William May sponsored the petition and stated that “Marco Rubio in his own words previously while serving in the state legislature; during his campaign for office and his recent rhetoric on TV, Talk Radio, commercials, emails and surveys sent to his constituents stating that the border must be secured first then path to citizenship. The senator now has changed his promise to suit what he decides is in his best interest and not honor his own commitment to his campaign, voters and supporters thereby disenfranchising them.”

“Had the Senator expressed his true beliefs on illegal immigration over his term in the state legislature and during his campaign it is doubtful that he would have acquired the nomination to run as the republican candidate for Senator from Florida and most assuredly the election results would be in doubt for his favor,” May added.

May then concludes, “Due to his own words and actions Senator Marco Rubio has nullified the votes cast for him by disenfranchising voters with glib and false rhetoric corrupting the good faith and will of the voters whose recourse now is to recall the Senator and force him to reveal the factual representation of himself and allow the voters to now judge him based on his true beliefs, values not on false and misleading campaign rhetoric statements.”

Indeed Rubio has not held up his oath on the immigration issue. In fact, one can truly wonder if Rubio ever was a conservative. In fact, I previously wrote about Rubio’s endorsement of Karl Rove’s anti-Tea Party PAC and cited my friend Joel McDurmon’s article in which he allowed Rubio to speak for himself in regar