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Consider Our Human Intellectual Position...

Being * gnieB
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07/02/2013 08:32 AM
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Consider Our Human Intellectual Position...
Subjective = Personal experience not necessarily verifiable by another. 'internal' conscious experience originating in physical ('outward' directed senses), emotional, mental or Spiritual ('inward' directed aspects). May be subject to what is speculated as 'delusion'.

Objective = Commonly verifiable by repeated demonstration using calibrated test equipment and statistics (expressed as a 'percentage of confidence' however, reaching 100% confidence is NEVER possible). Conscious experience directed to 'external' calibrated meter (Hewlett Packard, Techtronix, Spectra Physics, IBM etc) for complete evaluation and meaning of life and the 'physical' world/universe and what influential and charismatic 'scientists' & 'academia' will ALLOW discussed and 'permited' within it (!).

Transjective = Conscious repeatable experience commonly verifiable by any who are skilled at enabling a STATE CHANGE within themselves (many historical methods). This enables an extremely enhanced range of Conscious experience transcending simple physically verifiable events 'proven' by test equipment sensors, meters, statistics detected WITHIN the ElectroMagnetic spectrum.

absurdly simple example;

Perfectly tart/sweetened lemonade.
There is NOT a sensor or meter (on the planet) that can 'objectively' prove and verify the existence of the 'flavor' PERFECTLY TART/SWEETENED LEMONADE. Your subjective and speculated 'objective' existence of this physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual FACT readily experienced by any and ALL.

[Thank You Tom Menderle for posing the word trasjective]

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