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>>>The Family of Michael<<< Good Read!!!

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04/28/2006 09:24 PM
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>>>The Family of Michael<<< Good Read!!!
An oldie but a goodie!

Greetings from Home.

Our time with this special gathering of souls grows more precious to us with every moment that passes. Your choices on the Gameboard of Free Choice are the final expression of the Creator energy in finite form. The choices you have made in the playing of your Game have allowed the direction to shift toward Unity once again. Your willingness to play the Game in this fashion behind veils that keep you from seeing your true nature, is honored beyond your understanding. We love you so for your willingness to reach for higher truths, even in the times when you doubt yourself.

Know that there are many eyes in the Universe that are watching your every choice. Even the times when you feel so very alone and in despair, there are many around you that eagerly share your pain. In that manner it allows them to be a part of the Game that is shifting the reality of all - that - is. Those around you number far beyond your understanding. If you could only see the preparations that are needed to accommodate such a large number of entities, you would easily understand how important you really are. This is why we so often encourage you to treat each other with respect for all of you on the Gameboard are important beyond what you can possibly see.

The Grand wizard of timing has just lowered his finger illustrating that it is now time to reveal more information about your true nature. We wish to speak to you at this gathering of the family you call Michael. We are what you know to be representatives of this great family. Even when you speak the word it resonates deep within your being. This is the family vibration of which you are very much connected.

There is much confusion as we see you attempting to apply human traits to spiritual matters, so we will offer you further explanations to help you re-member that which you already know. What you call Michael is not just a singular entity, but also a collection of energies that form a singular vibration. This is why we describe it to you as a family. Although the number fluctuates constantly the family that you call Michael is actually the collective vibration of 144,000 souls on this side of the veil. The singular vibration was formed to achieve a singular purpose, and all things that are attracted to that vibration are related to that purpose.

Read more
[link to www.lightworker.com]

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"There's no greater thing you can do for the planet than to hold the energy of hope for your future, and project a divine light to dark places."
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04/28/2006 10:00 PM
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Re: >>>The Family of Michael<<< Good Read!!!

My favourite is their introduction.

[link to www.lightworker.com] "From the very beginning of this information the Group has been silent about their origin. When I first started channeling, people warned me to be sure that I knew who was sending the information. I was told that if the source would not identify themselves then that would indicate that they were from the dark side. I therefore, promptly asked three questions: "Who are you? What are your names? And where are you from?"

They came back with an immediate response that went like this: "You have asked three questions and we will give you three answers: It is none of your business, it is none of your business and it is none of your business." Then I heard the gentle loving laughter that I have since learned to love so much. At the time I was dumbfounded and re-membering the words of advice, I informed these entities that I could not channel them if they wouldn't identify themselves. In response to that they told me something I will never forget. They said, "We honor your choices" and with that statement, they were gone. After two days of having a hole where my heart used to be, I went back to them and asked to resume the communication. The moment I asked, they were there waiting, and I felt whole again. I was still hesitant but asked them why they wouldn't tell me who they were. The answer was: "We wish you to discern the message for the love content of the message itself and not because of some label placed upon it. This is discernment and is the first tool of the new energy." Then they gave me a guide for using the tool. They said: "If it pulls at your heart strings then take it as your own. If there is anything less, then release it without judgment, for it was simply placed there for another." They went on to explain that if I believed there were "Bad Guys", what made me think they wouldn't say they were the "Good Guys." I laughed and the relationship between us began to really grow. <clip>

That's my favourite