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Lung-liver mets and spinal cord compression

Things hoped for
User ID: 43809545
South Africa
07/21/2013 07:05 PM
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Lung-liver mets and spinal cord compression
Dear all, my dad has multiple lung mets, liver mets / lung to liver cancer and spinal cord compression also due to cancer. The doctors said that it has spread through his chest and to the vertebrae that's why he can no longer walk since some 4 weeks ago. A biopsy was done and confirmed this but the Drs are not sure where the cancer started.They said its stage 4. They only gave him radio therapy once to try and help him walk again. This was done some six days after he stopped walking and could no longer pass urine or do number 2. After some few weeks of waiting for chemo therapy, he was told that they could no longer do it since he was very ill and they said that chemo is too strong for him and can end up killing him. He is currently taking morphine and paracetamol for managing pain only. He has so much weight that he now weighs around 40kgs. Now after searching and reading about these testimonies on using Salvestrols platinum 1000 I have a few questions:
1) Can Salvestrols help my dad at this stage?
2) Can Salvestrols work while one is taking morphine, paracetamol for pain and medicinal paraffin (for constipation relief)?
3) If they can help, what is the recommended daily intake?
4) Where can one order Salvestrols Platinum 1000 capsules in South Africa?

Thank you,

Things hoped for.