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Subject "Monarchies" - Rulers by "Divine" Right
Poster Handle The_Brave
Post Content
Think what you will, but I know that no man has a "Divine" right to rule another, based on who the are or where they are born. I am Full-Blooded Irish and may be the last of my lineage...but this much is true...Nobody's "Blood-Line" makes them better than another. My adopted parents made sure they taught me the important things about my heritage. These monarchies are responsible for some of the most cruel tactics they used to rule, destroy & sell other people. There's a reason why they never taught & still don't teach the true history of Monarchies in the world. History is there to learn from......"Self Education leads to Self Preservation."

This is the true reality of Monarchies & just a taste of the mass destruction they caused humanity. True Terror from our True & rightful rulers.

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