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Message Subject SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Secret Code Revealed... Hidden in the Book of Genesis
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Do you people never tire of making up bullshit?
Is this what you want to waste hours of your life doing?
When REAL doom hit by planetary nature or cosmic nature let me just tell you the obvious...you wont have time to prepare OR post about it on GLP.

So do yourself a favour and QUIT. Folks like you are so boring. Your like a tired old cliché. DOOM. TYPICAL FORMULA: link some stupid POS info or video OVERHYPE IT AS FACT-oh this is the reason-(INSERT RANCID BULLSHIT HERE) post it on a FORUM...BOOOOOOOOORING.

One more thing to add. If any doom Planetary or cosmic doom really truly is inbound or happens or W.E bullshit you just posted...what the hell are YOU you puny human going to do about it? oh that is right A BIG FAT NOTHING!

You going to stop Floods? Hurricanes? Tornadoes? etc etc Asteroid Impact? NO ..no? you cant stop them? oh... well then STFU.

later. peace.
 Quoting: humanraceidiotic 27174334

The point of all this my friend is not to help anyone survive anything, but to gain knowledge in order to better ourselves as human souls/beings, which is what we believe is mostly the aim of our existence. Please dont come in hear talking nonsense like that.. you shame yourself and your country with that flag below your name. What have you gained out of it? Except satisfying your ego? Nothing. Hence, it was a waste of energy friend =)

Now smile and be nice cmon ;)

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44154615

and how are you going to gain knowledge through some masonic symbolic mumbo jumbo tied to a bit of chemistry???

Get real!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43333846

But thats not the point. Many of us have been studying and researching such matters for years and yes it means a lot to us, irrelevant to how nonsensical it may appear to you or anyone else. We could have been discussing something really 'stupid' like 'which pet is best to have in case of the apocalypse' and even then it gives no one the right to come in and talk shite to us. always imho.

I think this is one of the fundamental lessons of life to be learnt. We are ALL uniquely different, each one a product of gazilions of unique experiences. To each his own. This is important for any truly successful relationship imho. Admittedly, my woman just left me after 7 years so hey... i 'failed' after all with all my supposed knowledge hehe but life goes on, and we keep being NICE :D

Respect to all.

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