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Message Subject SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Secret Code Revealed... Hidden in the Book of Genesis
Poster Handle Airrborn
Post Content
Man is unclean & untamed.
The God's use deceit to instill proper Godly genetics through out time.
It takes time, but the beginning of the end of it is near.
This is good news.
 Quoting: Airrborn 44258586


The Stormwind comes from the North.
When out from a cloud, there appeared a Golden Sphere

The Manifestion of Ezekials vision
The Talmud speaks of this Ruach
In the flashing of its presence I stood
And the Color of jewels round about at night

The State of this stormwind was as fire
when it settled into my heart
the Presence of the Sa'arah

You can enter into this Gateway
Feel the Mystical Experience.
Merge into this boundless bliss
Embrace the Universe

Peer at the infinities of the diagonal.
The permutations of the Tetragrammaton
Breathing in the Holy Name of Love

The Treasure of the Beautiful Heights,

The Stormwind precedes the Tree of Life
Creative Energy Flows.
In her arms we shall know.
Our place in the Universe
Perceiving Nothingness.
Understanding the All

Working our way upwards,
Descending back downwards
Making myself invisible,

So The Divine can see through me
The innerworkings of my heart
Till I can ride the Markava,
The Chariot of the Heavens

My seat upon its infinite throne.

Such a Beautiful Treasure hf

We are winning.
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