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Message Subject SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Secret Code Revealed... Hidden in the Book of Genesis
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

We were not tricked, she was, It was a seduction. The addition of Adam eating the fruit was that Eve told Adam what her lover taught her. They were not prepared for this knowledge and genetics. Soon after, Eve had a son that was not Adams.

Deceit has been used by the God's many times through out the ages for creating pure beings conceived for divine purposes. They call it enchantment under a cloak of deception.
 Quoting: Airrborn 44258586

I like that, sounds about right.

Its a means to a end.

It is a means to an ending. In order to begin a perfect beginning.

We are suffering resistance amongst many people. These people want to resist evolving into Godlike living. They want to remain unclean untamed dividing & conquering & casting out shame & blame on their fellow brothers & sisters. They want to make their own rules & harvest anything & everything they want because they believe it is their right. This is barbaric & we have grown out of this. At least some of us have. We will get the rest. We must diminish their resistance. Love has won. The ways of the God's are taking place. The battle will be won.
 Quoting: Airrborn 44258586

It will be won ! All is in Divine and perfect Order. Those that understand the Grace that was given to get to this point, this grace wont last forever. Plenty of time has been given.

Not much longer yet, and the meaning of Kingdom will be realized.
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