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Message Subject SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Secret Code Revealed... Hidden in the Book of Genesis
Poster Handle LogicBomber
Post Content
this world has been compromised long ago, the synthetic mecha beings have infected the minds of men, and created a false leader in each and everyone of us, this false , imposter has divided us and kept us from uniting for the common good of man , so powerfull is this imposter that man has zero chance of ridding himself of the infection, yoga and the ancient teachings show us how to quiet the liar, which fights like a wild beast to prove its importance to us a thousand times a day. but you can never be rid of it completely , enlightenment is the yogis goal , to rid himself of the EGO MIND, and to see beyond the cage it holds us firm , as its prisoners. take a simple test for 20 mins and dim the lights and focus your attention on a candle, gently push away any incoming thoughts and continue to focus on the candle , in this training you will see just how difficult it is to clear the mind , you want to clear it, but" SOMETHING" is demanding your attention , what is it ?? the ego compliments of THE ARCHON,S . who have set up shop in our minds. and buissness is good.
 Quoting: ozymandias

Who benefits though, when you remove the desires of the ego? Wouldn't it be a great trick to push the competition for natural resources out of the way? Promoting passivity is easier than using force against an enemy. Convince people to eat less and remain quiet and you increase your own odds of survival. That is tje hidden goal of many a priest class through history. make the masses compliant and passive so they are easily defeated.

Read Dune. Bene geserit tactic.
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