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Message Subject SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Secret Code Revealed... Hidden in the Book of Genesis
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
...and the plot thickens! like it wasnt uber thick already haha! Thanks OP first off, always love a thought provoking clip ;)


What type of benevolent god would encode all this stuff and then threaten us not to change it or he smacks us? I just dont see it fit well in my Heart. I think we all agree that the 'god' who created our DNA as per GENEsis was not THE Almighty God... Im a big fan of the Sumerian epics and this video just made me believe even more the god in genesis is Anu - apparently not the most loving of gods, but possibly our (grand)father nonetheless. Its also pretty much a fact in my Heart that Anu and his Angels,ETs,Annunaki etc messed with the Neanderthal DNA to create us Homo Sapiens. So... they can mess about but we no? I know we dont compare, and all respect to them more evolved beings, but i just dont see the whole context of this video making sense in this light.

It sound more like a rulebook stating listen we did this and that dont frak around with it or we get pissed mkaay??

Not very cool imho.

On the contrary Anu's son Enki seemed to be the one who wanted us to embrace the true Divinity of our Godliness and realise who and what we really are - the guy we apparently labeled Satan.

Damn this is all so confusing xD

Any insight would be thoroughly appreciated! Just wanted to pour my 2cents spark some more discussion :D

Love to all,

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44154615

Go to nag hammadi online and read

apocropha of john (I prefer Stephen davies translation)
on origin of the world
eugnostos the blessed

It tells you who "god" is
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