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Subject Lung-liver mets and spinal cord compression
Poster Handle unwavering faith
Post Content
My dad has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung and liver mets and has also spread to the bones causing spinal cord compression and so he can no longer walk and no longer has control on his bowels. He is only taking morphine. The doctors have literally abandoned him to die and they said no further help can be rendered to him. He now weighs around 40 and 50 kilograms.He is currently taking morphine for the pain. I have searched and found out about salvestrols and at the moments starting from yesterday, he has started taking 2 tablets of Salvestrols Professional 1000. I would like to ask if someone knows if these salvestrols can work while one is taking morphine? Which other types of Salvestrols can he take? Will he recover to the extend of having no pain and or regaining his mobility?


Unwavering faith
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