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Steps to a Buddhist Utopia

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08/05/2013 02:26 AM
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Steps to a Buddhist Utopia
The basis of this endeavour is the Buddhist belief in reincarnation. Reincarnation is the belief that all sentient beings have an inherent soul, recycled many times until reaching nirvana, when retirement into the spirit realm is achieved.

While nirvana is a regular occurrence in humanity, it leaves a great deal of souls being incarnated into lower life forms.

Therefore, a human could become a cow, made for slaughter. To ensure the safety of souls, killing must be eradicated from the universe.

The end of killing is possible through the advance of technology. If meat can be grown in laboratories, carnivores can be fed in vitro meat, instead of feeding on souls. Factory made meat will serve two purposes: livestock would no longer need be slaughtered; killing in the wild would no longer be necessary.

The eradication of animals would be necessary at first. I know this seems hypocritical, but to keep in vitro meat cheap, we need to have fewer animals to be fed. Therefore, kill until an ideal number of carnivores is achieved, then set livestock free.

Critics are welcome.

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08/05/2013 07:44 AM
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Re: Steps to a Buddhist Utopia