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China noted the first case of human transmission of the H7N9 virus!!!

Anonymous Coward
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08/07/2013 11:17 AM
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China noted the first case of human transmission of the H7N9 virus!!!
Completion of study after case analysis of father and daughter recorded in China in March this year. Last March, in China, a man was infected with the bird flu virus H7N9 after visiting a market. The daughter, who accompanied him from the onset and during their hospitalization, contracted the same virus. The difference is that the woman has not had contact with these animals. Both died. Six months later, a study reveals that this has been the first case of transmission of the virus from person to person. Until then, everything pointed that humans were infected after contact with poultry.

In May, an investigation by Chinese scientists, published in the journal Science, revealed that "the emerging human influenza virus H7N9 is infectious and transmissible among mammals." Until then the possibility of human transmission have occurred had not been confirmed.

This Wednesday, the British Medical Journal that the case progresses registered in March in China, the transmission of H7N9 has been made of the father, who has been in contact with poultry in a market for his daughter, who despite not having been close these animals contracted the virus. This will only have been possible to have been exposed to H7N9 had infected his father, a man aged 60 and with a history of hypertension.

The man showed the first signs of the disease - fever, cough and breathing difficulties - six days after having been in contact with birds. Throughout this period, and while he was hospitalized from March 11, her daughter was always present and without any protection against possible infection. Six days after the last had contact with his father, his wife of 32 years, developed the same symptoms attributed to H7N9. Was hospitalized on 24 March

The patient died on April 24 due to multiple organ failure, the same explanation for his father's death ten days later.

Analyses conducted at two victims revealed two virus strains genetically almost identical. Forty-three people who had direct contact with both were also analyzed. Only one of these showed slight signs of infection but without the presence of the virus H7N9.

"These findings suggest that the genetic potential of sustainability can be a determining factor and that the bird flu virus, such as H5N1, are more easily transmitted between individuals with a genetic link," takes research released this Wednesday.

A team of Chinese scientists therefore concluded that "the daughter of infection probably resulted from contact with his father during an unprotected exposure, suggesting that in this group the virus could be transmitted from person to person." The report notes, however, that the "transmissibility [the virus] is limited and non-sustainable", since there was an outbreak after the first reported cases.

"Threat of H7N9 has not yet passed"
In an editorial accompanying the research, James Rudge and Richard Coker of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, believe that this finding does not mean that the H7N9 is closer to fully adapt to humans.

The dual stresses that the number of cases of infection "has plummeted since April, no cases recorded during several weeks" although there is the possibility of the virus reappeared in the autumn. The study of the Chinese team "can not suggest that H7N9 is not close to becoming the next pandemic" but warns the "need to remain extremely vigilant: the threat that the H7N9 has not passed and all," they add.

The new strain of bird flu emerged in March in Shanghai. In just over a month, spread to other regions of China, infecting, according to data from the World Health Organization, more than 130 people, of whom 37 died. Since April, no registration of new cases. [link to www.publico.pt]
Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/28/2013 06:53 PM
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Re: China noted the first case of human transmission of the H7N9 virus!!!

[link to www.youtube.com]