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Message Subject The Biden Legacy : Pure Evil in Delaware
Poster Handle beeches
Post Content
Big Brother wants to put 68 year old granny in jail along with her family. This is a tag team effort of VP Joe Biden and his son, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden. A horrible piece of legislation called VAWA - Violence Against Women Act, originally the brainchild of Joe Biden, is being used by his son Beau to destroy what's left of the Matusiewicz family.

Wilmington Delaware was recently rated as the 8th most unfriendly city in America. The way the Delaware Attorney General's office is seeking their pound of Christian Polish-American flesh, Wilmington Delaware has to rank #1 in legal malice. Where else could someone be sentenced for 6 months to life for getting caught in a snowstorm and spending the night in Elkton, Md. ?

Another outrage is that the grandfather courthouse shooter suffered for years with a BRAIN TUMOR! The Salem NJ (13 miles from Wilmington De) nuclear plant is probably to blame for this tragedy. Salem county is already known as a cancer alley, and Delaware was the #1 cancer state a few years ago. Let it be known that as America completely falls apart, these champions of democracy were busy fiddling with grandma while millions are dying from nuclear power plant radiation.

Is this the face of Kazarian kindness? Looks like the face of the Devil.

"Three in NCCo Courthouse shooter's family indicted on stalking charges"

[link to www.delawareonline.com (secure)]

Matusiewicz family indicted

 Quoting: Classiccom

She belongs behind bars. do you know what she did?
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