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Message Subject The Biden Legacy : Pure Evil in Delaware
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Quote :"Give a care, if you can, for the three girls abducted for years and forced to live in filth being told their mother was dead.

She wasn't - until the evil ones killed her."


I do care and I don't condone that "white" lie to the children or the two murders by the grandfather with brain tumors. I believe that a father has the right to do what ever a man has to do to lead a family. It the tradition of the most cultures on the planet. Did any of the non-comatose public ever notice that Amerika loves to bomb every father oriented country on the planet ? Bombing into democracy is the new Amerikan anthem, along with the usual pornography and liberal politics that break up families and create an atmosphere like the drive by murder capital Wilmington. The dissolution of the family has been government orchestrated ever since Henry VIII, America's spiritual forefather.

VAWA is horrible legislation that pits all the resources of the global police state against a man and his family. Plus they are retroactively applying charges against the family since VAWA passed only a few months ago. This procedure is a declaration of war against a formerly free people and that they are no longer in charge of their family and that every big brother surveillance technique will be used against the powerless individual. Did you see Mr. Weiss make his pronouncement with such venomous gusto?

It has become common knowledge that certain people and groups have been targeted by the federal government.

[link to www.texemarrs.com]

Christian Polish-Americans are being persecuted. There is a Genesis 3:15 blood feud going on. America has a long history of violent anti-Catholicism. The medical profession , the justice. family court system represent a certain tribe of people who have sought to destroy Christianity for 2000 years. These people do no forgive, they want complete revenge by annihilation.

Do you care about the children? Dr. Carley says that Autism is DEFINITELY caused by the medical mafia forcing vaccines on innocent children. That "dirty place " called Nicaragua did not force their children to eat GMO food like in America. They did not force their children to breath radioactive, tumor producing air spewed from the highest density of nuclear power plants on the freaking planet. Probably the autistic child was getting healthier in that God like paradise. Obama and the tribe are doing their best to start a nuclear WWIII. Will you apologize to the children if we are nuked by Russia? Wilmington has about the highest murder and rape rate in America. This is what you want for their future ?

I never had a father and the noble notion that a father would do anything to protect his children - that touches my fatherless heart. I listened to the Free American interview and I believe their side of the story completely. I do not trust a government that repeatedly falsifies evidence and persecutes targets such as Edgar Steele.

The Martyrdom of Edgar J. Steele

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