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Subject My Odd and Startling Dream
Poster Handle Double O Zero
Post Content
Two things, I just had this dream no less than twenty minutes ago. I wrote down everything I could remember, since it seemed both peculiar and important to me. Also, I sometimes have powerful lucid dreams. Not often, but when I do, they are memorable.

Here's what I remember:

I'm sitting at a table with people I don't know. Plants are still vegetating, and it is outside. I don't remember what we were talking about, but there might have been two other people there, and we were playing a sort of game.

Each of us had a sapling in front of us. And the challenge was to make it grow. I watched as another used a certain tone, their voice in a sort of modulating "ahhh" sound to grow the plant.

When my turn came, I used the same sound at first, but then it became this stronger, wildly modulating sound (which I felt was beyond my control), and it made the item grow wildly and hugely. A thick green vine emerged with fruits that looked like oranges, but slightly more red, and it shot up way into the sky. The trunk of the vine became as thick as a tree, and even as I looked up, I saw it couldn't handle it's own weight and it began to collapse.

It fell upon the table, and I had to sway beneath the twisting vine for my life. Then I went inside, but as I was going, snow was just starting to fall in the lightest of flurries.

I can't describe inside very well, other than it was a stone building. It was clearly a refuge, though it was empty, and it felt more metaphysical, like a place for recovery than an actual physical place. I remember occasionally seeing someone clean there, but otherwise nothing. No bed, no arriving, just being there and leaving.

I went outside once more, but now it was snowing. My companions who had been at the table were there, but trapped. One seemed to be above the ground, but couldn't go forward. The second was literally drowning into the snow, which made no sense, because the snow did not seem to be above ground so much as he seemed to be melting into it without dissolving below..

I ran inside, panicked, looking for a way to help. I found a small closet and went inside to grab a long object that I could use hopefully to fish the guy out who was closest. He looked no more than eight feet from the stone steps of this structure I called the shelter, and ran out quickly thereafter. No more than a minute, much faster than he had been sinking.

I come out to nothing but snow, and it is empty. I wonder if there is anyone left, and then this red orb descends and scares the hell out of me. I feel it as much as see it, and there's an energy and intelligence with it. Not friendly, but I'm not sure it was malign either, probing. I turned, saw it closing, and was frightened but paralyzed. Not with fear, but literally with my body refusing to respond.

I awakened, but awakened in a state of consciousness where my mind was operating much faster, like it does when I'm in a meditative trance like I'd use for playing around with astral travel, or in this case, this lucid dream.

I tried to reconnect once I settled myself and felt protected, but I couldn't, so I wrote this down as quickly as I could in case it meant something. I had the strong impression there was some disaster, and very very few survivors. I know when dreams are mental garbage reprocessing, as most of mine are, but this wasn't.

As for the entity, it felt alien to me. Maybe hostile, but definitely curious. Like it was watching.

So, you know all I know. Make of it what you will.
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