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Subject NASA rap Eric Julien's doom scare once more - No Tsunami from comet, guaranteed
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
By Stephen White

SPACE agency NASA have rubbished claims the Earth will be destroyed on May 25.

A former air traffic controller has predicted a comet fragment is heading straight for us.

But NASA have rejected Eric Julien's predictions, which he says came to him in visions and were confirmed by messages from aliens.

Julien says the world will end on May 25 when a chunk of the comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 ploughs into the Atlantic Ocean.

He believes it will cause a gigantic tsunami 200 yards high and the comet will trigger eruptions in underwater volcanoes, causing the sea to boil.

Julien, a former air traffic controller in Rheims, France, and senior manager at Paris's Orly airport, put his vision on the internet, where it sparked panic.

He said: "The size of this space object will be too small for our telescopes since it will be a small lagging fragment of a comet.

"Scientists will be surprised by this object, having little time to see it coming."

Julien says his predictions - which have spread on the internet - are revenge for American hardline policy towards Iran.

And he says he is backed by a crop circle he once saw that pictured the solar system with the Earth missing.
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