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Message Subject US Government Sues Texas For Requiring ID to Vote. Obama Claims this is Racial Injustice... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here`s the thing, all of these poor rural blacks that Obama says can`t get id because of whatever stupid reason they say,have to show id to collect any kind of welfare, social security,or food stamps.You have to show id to get a job,buy beer,or drive a car.So either these black folks Obama is referring are completely self sufficient with no govt. handouts and no jobs or he`s simply trying to enable his new 30 million man voter base (illegal aliens),the ability to illegally vote in our countries elections.This is the real reason behind amnesty and advertising free food stamps south of the border,and this is why he has the border securities hands tied when it comes to arresting illegals and deporting them.The sheer amount of illegals here now and there families who will come later will add 10% to the population of the USA over night.With our economy in shambles right now is this the act of someone who has the best interest of the country at heart?Or the act of someone who wants to remain in power and forever change our country into a socialist whitey hating shit hole.
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