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Message Subject The strange case of the Dyatlov Pass.....soo bizarre...what DID happen?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
my father and i have recently become obsessed with the case. To begin with, far and away the best info is at [link to www.viafanzine.jor.br] ***you will need to translate the language** there are 4 pages, it's is huge!! This link is the final page all links to other pages are at the bottom. Take some time, digest, and reread. I want to throw something out there to begin with, that drastically changes the timeline. The diary entries on the first say they woke up in the afternoon (exhausted) and ate breakfast at two pm. They packed up and were on to the next leg of the journey by 2:30 pm. Very late start. They set up camp no later than 4:00 pm at the infamous dyatlov pass. Sun sets around 5:00 pm and it takes an hour to construct the tent. They have not put together the stove in the tent yet which takes over an hour to do. They ate within 8 hours of their death. They were not sleeping with it happened (stove not ready) the food in their stomachs was the breakfast from the other site. No evidence of cooking fire at dyatlov site. They hadn't had dinner yet. This incident began at around 5 pm to 6 pm. This changes everything. Sunset. The watches with gears had frozen due to the internal oil inside being submerged in snow which takes approximately 30 mins it 10:30 pm. The longest living ones never lived past 10 pm. The ENTIRE timeline is wrong.
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