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Subject Is America's 100 Million Christians Going To Stop Congress & Obama From Starting A War In Syria? If Not STFU About..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Jesus and Hell because you will be right there in Hell with anyone else. I'm tired of this childish bullshit theory that if you believe "On" Jesus you get to do whatever the fuck you want and are forgiven and get to go to Heaven.


America has about 100 million Christians and Catholics, MORE than enough to shut down any plans Congress,Obama or the Neo Cons have of starting a War.

No on is ignorant at this point because we saw this sme scenario played out in order to attack Iraq where 1,000,000 Iraqi's mostlry women and children wee killed.

So don't bother preaching to me about Jesus and I'm not even going to riff on Israel and their evil right now but I'm sure Christians know that America and Israel are working with Al Qaeda in Syria.

You FAIL, enjoy Hell Christians.
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