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Doomtards, a SHTF scenario is NOT an option AT ALL!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 23322128
United States
09/03/2013 06:03 PM
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Doomtards, a SHTF scenario is NOT an option AT ALL!
I love all you Doomtards wishing for whatever SHTF scenario your Doomtard mind can come up with, but know this, one month of ANY SHTF scenarios would mean the END OF THE WORLD via nuclear meltdown of ALL nuclear plants around the WHOLE WORLD, meaning NO MORE LIFE on Earth EVER (except for microbes).

So NO Mad Max sandbox for you to play Rambo in with all your sick demented ideas of how Great it would be if all went to shit, the only reason you think as such is because you are in some deep shit hole of a distorted and corrupted state of consciousness, no judgment though, I can understand, but get a f-ing grip and let's try to make or fight for a better world, there is no other alternative AT ALL.