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Message Subject I Do Play Dice, and I Do Not Believe in Coincidences
Poster Handle Le Palma
Post Content
"Many of Chenega’s residents are shareholders in one of the most successful and politically connected ANCs, Chenega Corp., which has won multimillion-dollar contracts rebuilding Iraq, securing Guantanamo Bay and repairing X-ray machines at airports and borders."
[link to www.propublica.org]

Callista Corp. another Native Company has paid dividends only a few times in the last several years, one shareholder got
$225, and it is said that a gallon of milk is $9.

The issue is, that the United States Government is using Native Corporations as a guise to operate as A private Corporation, Internationally, and Not paying the Shareholders squat, pennies, barely enough to buy a loaf of bread for a year. The bulk of the dividends is going to fund such projects as the Russian Orthodox Church, rebuilding Iraq, prison systems based on international territory, covert spy activities and Weapon acquisition that is not Accounted For as being property of the United States Government. Rogue Nukes, for a Rogue "organization"that doesn't even exist on paper.
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