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Sheep Told Less Wages Until 2050

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United States
09/04/2013 07:36 PM
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Sheep Told Less Wages Until 2050
[link to finance.yahoo.com]

Time for a miracle! Someone design the next best thing!
We live in a bubble! AHHHHH!


a small excerpt:
The worker's income would fall to about $45,900 in 2030, $45,000 in 2040 and to less than $44,000 in 2050. In a society built upon consumer power and the idea that succeeding generations leap ahead of preceding ones—rather than fall behind them—four decades of falling incomes could be catastrophic.
The study only makes income projections relating to demographic changes. Other changes could either offset those income declines, or exacerbate them. Future tax hikes or cutbacks in Social Security—some combination of which seems likely, to deal with mounting government debt—would reduce income even more, for instance