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if Russia & China 'back up' Syria, then, the US won't have a snowball's chance in HELL of pulling all this off!

TPTB must know what any-one with even a small modicum of common sense could tell you.....

so....there's, quite obviously, another agenda @ work here!

quo bono?

what's the biggest road-block to the implementation of this bogus New World Order?

only one, single thing.....the very high % of US citz who own fire-arms....

civilian fire-arm owner-ship in the US, because of the 2nd amndmnt, cannot and will not be curtailed by any sort of domestic, legislative action....like it was in Australia and the UK, for instance....

that means it must be curtailed and stymied by an out-side force...that must mean an invasion of the US.....

for a foreign power to invade the US...it must have a very good pre-text...

the ideal pre-text is if the US ignores the UN security council, goes 'rogue' and attacks/invades an innocent, sovereign nation...Syria clearly fits the bill because hardly any-one believes all of this 'chemical attack/chemical weapons against civilians' blather....that would make a US attack on Syria...whether unilaterally or with two or three reluctant 'allies' (France, [maybe] the UK) nothing short of *a naked and brutal aggressor*....

that would give such afore-said foreign powers (Russia/China) a believable pre-text for launching an all-out attack on the US....


youse'r being 'set up'!!


 Quoting: james von brunne

I believe it was Japan that once said, "You cannot invade the U.S. by land, there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass".

The only thing we have to worry about would be a land/infantry invasion by China's HUGE AS FUCK army. They would overwhelm us with sheer numbers.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44243767

i think it was Admiral Yamamoto, the Jpns C-in-C, who said that.....

i read a 'post' on glp a few days ago abt some-one who had a dream/vision of such an invasion...../he said that the Russians would supply a lot or most of the mil' hardware/technical expertise/logistical back-up &c and the Chinks would supply the man-power...

(actually)...wasn't all of this the original premise in the recently re-released 'Red Dawn'?...but...it was changed, @ the very last minute, to North Korea....a highly unlikely invader....even so....(i hvn't seen the new 'Red Dawn' as of yet).....there was a very interesting tactic used....some-how the Chinese/'faux' Nrth Koreans disabled or neutralised the US satellite/electronic warfare/early warning/entire electronic comms grid....so.....as i under-stand it...the US was, effectively, blind and deaf vis á vis the invasion....which was a total surprise!

 Quoting: james von brunne

Interesting! So, disable the electronics with a few EMPs above ground before going in (Russia or an insider could do it (then Russia could also feign ignorance later if it was done this way)), then 500-700mil Dragons armed with AKs and bulletproof armor/helmets come in, overwhelming us like a tsunami and take military control of all cities, large towns and military targets. No nukes needed. Barely any airpower lost and resourcesa are all intact for the taking. Nice!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44243767

Aside from the fact that setting off EMP blasts over the US will invoke immediate retaliation. The logistics of Moving 500-700 million Chinese troops to the US are simply ludicrous.
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