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Message Subject Australian Oil Reserves/Saudi Oil Depletion = WAS SYRIAN WAR PLANNED ??
Poster Handle Angelic_Warrior
Post Content
<snip> from ISW document

The Syrian Air Force (SAF) is highly vulnerable to a limited strike from US Naval and Air forces using Precision Guided Munitions (PGM). That limited strike would:

•Take place from beyond the effective range of the Syrian Integrated Air Defense System (IADS)

•Place no US personnel at risk

•Be accomplished at very low cost

•Have a limited, dual purpose effect

•Degradation of SAF infrastructure and support systems

•Degradation of the operable SAF fixed wing aircraft

•Result in a significant reduction in the SAF ability to conduct these three missions

•Receive aerial resupply from Russia and Iran

•Conduct aerial resupply of Syrian Arab Army

•Conduct area bombardment of rebel forces
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