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Message Subject Australian Oil Reserves/Saudi Oil Depletion = WAS SYRIAN WAR PLANNED ??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have been trying to get people to watch this video for a couple of days now. Yes.. it's 30 min. long but well worth the time. We may all learn something here.

 Quoting: Angelic_Warrior

Folks, this is a fight over who will dominate future natural gas sales to the EU. The “Islamic (Iran) and the Nabucco (Qatar) pipelines… The “Islamic” pipeline, connecting Iran’s South Pars field to European customers will span 3,480-miles (passing through Iran, Iraq and Syria, to the Mediterranean, with a natural gas refinery and infrastructure to be built in Damascus). While the competing Nabucco natural gas pipeline, which is being constructed to transit natural gas to Europe from the Central Asia and Caspian regions. The Nabucco pipeline is set to traverse Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, and end in Austria.
If Assad can be deposed, Turkey and Qatar would like the Nabucco pipeline to run through Syria (It will be cheaper to ship Natural gas/oil from Mediterranean Sea ports).

Are we going to allow American blood to be spilled over an Arab fight over energy dominance, when We have huge natural gas deposits in the USA and are expected to surpass Saudi Arabia in oil production by 2020?? This is utterly NUTS and hypocritical!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19782831

Hey, instead of war. why not negotiate with Israel to redirect the pipeline through Israel? Give Israel Gaza, Golan and peace, Israel allow the pipeline through.

If this is about Iran and Saudi/Qatar selling oil to Europe, then War with Syria will gonna meet a lot of resistance from Russia. Russia want to sell their oil and gas to Europe too.

I am also wondering, for the oil customers, European countries, don't you think they've secured some oil from Libya by now? So Why would European countries like France help in war with Syria, if they've secured their oil need from Libya and perhaps still getting some from Russia? And if this is about competition of placing pipeline to Europe, then what's the purpose of USA meddling into this? What is the benefit of USA to help Saudi conquer Syria?
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