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Mr. Paro D.: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/10/2013 05:35 PM
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Mr. Paro D.: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Don't ask me how I know this but latley there has been some smells going on in my apt complex. I was playing UNO when i got a wildcard, something I did not expect. That's when I smelled it. I looked behind me and there was a guy about 6'1" with blonde/dark brown hair and blue/green/brown eyes. This person apparently came out of the bathroom, he had nothing with him. I asked him what his name was, he said, "NO POTTY". "No Potty...?" i said. "Where did you go...?" Then he got upset and almost cried and ran into the bathroom and slammed the door. "No Potty...!", i said. "No Potty open the door! You're trapped in my bathroom...!" i knew then that much hung in the balance because of him, lol that's God for ya.

Everything is delayed until this issue is dealt with, rumor has it around April 20th this guy gets the munchies and goes outside into the daylight. it could be concluded. Then again it could get dragged on, I truly do not know how long this "No Potty" will stay in my bathroom.

Know this, the great porcelain king takes what man considers to be nothing, he takes his poo and makes it everything. God has done this more than once, and this time so much hangs in the balance. Especially since this guy won't come out of the bathroom and I seriously have to take a poo. For the people that don't look at there poop when they flush it, well you won't even know something extraordinary happened.

When this issue gets cleared up the doom comes. I finally get my bathroom again. Then once again the great porcelain king will take what man considers to be nothing, he'll take his poop and make him everything.

I know someone will pester me on how it was possible to let tarzan into my apt. without me noticing. Well this is what I can say. I am a elephant taking poo on a branch and i am looking into the room where the Illuminati meet, that is how i know what i know.

-Mr. Paro D.