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Message Subject For christians:The scriptural PROOF that the Rapture is AFTER the tribulation. NO "Basis" here..PROOF!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It is the follower of Jesus that is the one that is even now going through great tribulation.. not the non-believers.. and a 1,980 year long tribulation can very easily be seen to be a Great Tribulation.. in fact the Greatest one that has ever been..

The Apostles even before the end of 70 A.D. were already in The Tribulation.

The followers of Jesus were to be delivered or in a safe place when the Wrath of God (which is not The Tribulation) was sent and going down...

You Pre-Tribs have gotten things totally backwards, because your stance actually makes the words of Jesus in other places to seem empty and even a lie when he speak of how his followers will be going through many perils and tribulations.. even to the point of even some of them betraying each others and have them sent to be executed..

But then, what should one expect when the Pre Tribu is constantly be used by many different nation's Intelligence agents to try to push God into acting when They want him to.. of course theirs is a vain thing.
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