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Message Subject For christians:The scriptural PROOF that the Rapture is AFTER the tribulation. NO "Basis" here..PROOF!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

 Quoting: Cassie :-)

Rapture versus Second Coming. The following contrasts are found in passages describing the coming of Christ. We suggest that these differences are an indication that different comings are in view: the coming of Christ as bridegroom for His expectant Church (the Rapture) versus the Second Coming of Christ upon an unbelieving world in judgment.

[link to www.spiritandtruth.org]
 Quoting: Cassie :-)

Once again I say READ the post.

It totally destroys those CHURCH made arguments with pure scripture.

I know what those teachings are because I used to follow them since childhood.

Now I know the truth..,the books and the churches LIED..but Jesus didnt lie.

Read what he had to say about it..not what men said about it.

Its all in the post.

read it twice..and then again..and THEN see how those teachings you posted fall to peices like so much...garbage..because thats what it turns out they are..satanic Masonic rubbish.

A LIE basically.
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