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Message Subject For christians:The scriptural PROOF that the Rapture is AFTER the tribulation. NO "Basis" here..PROOF!
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Matt 24:26 "Wherefore if they shall say unto you..."

They, who?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27972246

Today it would be anybody that has a version of Scripture that was different from the concept told by the writers of the NT. In the period after the 5th trump start it would be whoever will eventually be in the 2/3 that die that day the 7th trump sounds. Once Satan and the Beast start their 42 months the world will be divided into 10 Kingdoms that are loyal to the angelic being know as the angel from the bottomless pit. It was put there as stated in Jude, 10,000 angels at war during the time of the flood. One get to return for a period of 42 months and that time starts when the 5th trump sounds. the 1st trump sounds when the two witnesses are given protection, 4 days later they are given the same kind of power that Moses was given, show up in person and let God do the rest.

Prior to any trump sounding the earth is subject to an angel (Christ) casting coals from the alter before God in the Temple of Re:5 (same one in Re:11) so the coals are actually prayers offered by the 24 Elders that are there. (the 24 are the OT Saints that were resurrected the same day Jesus was, they ascended with Jesus but they remained in the Temple and only Jesus came back.

The last ones to be able to repent and have it make a difference as far as if you are alive or dead for the 1,000 years are the ones who give glory to God in Re:11 and they have to then leave Jerusalem without delay once they see the abomination of a throne standing on holy ground in Jerusalem and someone sitting and claiming to be God. They are the same ones that witness the fire that destroyed Sodom come again and destroy Satan's Babylon.
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