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Message Subject For christians:The scriptural PROOF that the Rapture is AFTER the tribulation. NO "Basis" here..PROOF!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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You are forgetting something where it says they will be eating,drinking,and marring and knew not until the flood came and took them all away,well don't you think people will just be trying to stay alive during all the apocalypse going on after the seals are broken instead of carrying on as in normal life as the scripture suggest.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 46132199

Context is important.

At the time of the flood, there had never been such storm, people had never "played in the rain". When this storm began, the people were, essentially, reveling and partying in, while idolizing the very thing that would ultimately bring their demise.

Today's society (as I believe we live in "that time") is the society Christ mentioned - an over-dependence on technology, reliance on deceptions and distractions, and the belief that ANY government is there to help you or to take care of you.

The time of Tribulation will equate to the time the waters of The Flood began to rise, thereby that which was initially highly revered becomes the vehicle of their destruction.

The drops have begun to fall.
 Quoting: ClydeX


Like I said..

Life will be going on.

Yes a lot of the world will be having doom, but if you notice one important detail that most people miss and thats the judgments are on "One third of this" and "One quater" of that...one third burnt up..one third water poisoned.

Its not happenning to the entire world AT ONCE.(NOt until the BOWLS of wrath does the entire world cop these things all at ONCE)

So a LOT of the world IS still eating and drinking and living.

Thats pretty much whats taking place now really.

Its good example of how it will be and IS being right now.

We see dooms on the news..lots of persecution overseas..wars..children killed..starvation..war..\|We sit back and see it on the news but dont stress TOO much because our tummies are full..weddings to plan..TV to watch..life goes on.

The majority of the world will be "Viewers" of the dooms.

Thinking they are safe and fat and rich they will continue on with life as the middle east goes up in flames and war AS its doing right now.

They will be certain nothings really going to get them...they will and ARE ignoring all the warnings and signs..and expecting a treaty to signal the beginning of the doom.

Thats NOT going to happen...life will go on for them..and then..

THE FLOOD will come...

One killed...the other left...disease..plagues..famine..want..disasters..will all come home to roost on the "Islands" and nations that have dwelt in safety..thinking nothing can get them.

Siddenly like the flood..ALL the dooms will come home to roost..

And all the rich..the well fed..the men of power and the ordinary man..will find themselves running..trying to hide..as they see something terrifying in the sky.

All their books about peace treaties and the fake church bot doctrines will prove false..except one..

HE WILL turn up like a theif..NO one will have seen it coming because they were either NOT looking for signs at all or looking for the WRONG signs.

Making millions selling books and preaching sermons about the 70 weeks..pre trib raptures..peace treaties and third temples..which ALL turn out to have been nothing but a money making cashcow distraction..and all WRONG and a lie..

And the flood will come..the day of His wrath is here..he has turned up..and they are ALL caught by surprise because theye were NOT keeping watch..

And the LAST DAY arrives..and they were taken by surprise...and our era ends.

His Begins.
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